ADD-Ons (a la Carte Services)

Private birth Prep Session…$300.00

  • In the comfort of your home, at your perferred time, and customized to your needs

  • Description: This 4-hour, hands-on session will help you gain better understanding of anatomy and physiology of birth to help diminish concerns around it. We will discuss the physiological process and how you can best work with your body to optimize the experience. You will be given tools on how to best cope during each stage of labor, including positioning and breathing techniques. After the class, you will feel more familiar about the laboring body, as well as about birth terminology and possible interventions. Finally, we will discuss tools for when birth takes expected turns, and how to keep an open communication with care providers, while maintaining a calm but active role in decision making. The class will be completed with a discussion of basic newborn care procedures, and the importnace of skin to skin during the early hours and days.

Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class…$200.00

  • In the comfort of your home, at your perferred time, and customized to your needs

  • Description: This 2.5- hour, hands- on session will help demystify questions surrounding breastfeeding, providing you with all the information and resources you need to meet your breastfeeding goals. Some of the topics include breastfeeding friendly labor and birth practices, latch and positioning techniques, hand expression, normal newborn feeding behaviors, managing engorgement, how to assess baby’s drinking and troubleshooting difficulties, and basic instruction on your specific electric breast pump.

Baby’s First Night Home… $650.00

  • This 10-hour night support is geared to helping you navigate the first night at home with baby. It can include breastfeeding support, postpartum healing support, sleep arrangement suggestions, organizing baby care and mama care corners, and nourishing the new parents.

  • This service takes priority over any other postpartum night sessions already scheduled, and is available 7 days per week.

  • Should I be at a birth, arrangements will be made for a qualified back-up doula.

  • For home birth , this can be the second or third night after baby’s arrival (based on prior agreement).

Postpartum Night Session… $440.00

  • Night sessions may include some tasks from the day sessions, but will be done in a quieter manner to promote sleep for both baby and parents. An example of a night session may include assessing postpartum healing and breastfeeding, establishing goals for the night, drawing an herbal bath for mom and/or baby, allowing parents to rest while baby settles into sleep, providing nourishing midnight snacks/teas to mom, prepping breakfast upon departure, more. Priced for an 8 hour session.

  • My availability for night sessions is Sunday through Thursday, 9PM-6AM.

  • Should I be called in for a birth, or a Baby’s First Night Home session, the session will be rescheduled, or a back-up doula can be called in to cover the session (depending on availability)

Postpartum Day Sessions… $200.00

  • These day sessions are personalized to meet your specific needs for that day, and are likely to differ from shift to shift. My goal is to nurture and to nourish you, facilitating rest, recovery and bonding with your baby, and growing your confidence in your intuition and your abilities, as you navigate through the early transition into parenthood. Some examples of my role may include emotional and physical support, massage, belly-binding, holding space for birth processing, guidance with breastfeeding, newborn care, and meal preparation. Priced for a 4 hour session

  • My availability for day sessions is Monday through Friday, 9AM to 3PM.

  • Should I be called in for a birth, the session will be rescheduled, or a back- up doula can be called in to cover the session (depending on availibility).

Nourishing Postpartum Meals…$60.00

  • Delivered at each postpartum day session. Each package will include 2 meals and a snack, ample to feed two people. Every meal will be home cooked, selecting organic, local and seasonal ingredients, carefully chosen to support postpartum recovery and lactation.

  • Vegan/ vegetarian/ dairy free options to be discussed

  • Example meals: Kale and Chickpea stew, Roasted Root Veggies with Tomato and Spinach, Cauliflower Chowder, Curried Butternut Squash Soup

  • Example snacks: Nut-butter Quesadilla, Overnight Lactation Oats, Bone Broth, Lactation Cookies and Bars, Energy Bites, Muffins, and more

SUPPORT A MAMA in Need… Suggested donation $200.00-$500.00

If you feel so inclined, with this donation, you can help me support a mother/ family that otherwise would not be able to afford doula services. I strive to gear this service toward those who may not have adequate access to support, such as POC, teenage mothers, and low-income mothers. With your donation, I am able to cover my basic costs associated with my services (i.e. gas, parking fees, childcare costs), while offering my time and services free of charge, or at a sliding scale. Please contact me for more information about this service.


If you are considering giving the gift of doula, or you may be thinking of adding my services to your mother blessing/ baby shower registry, please contact me for more information.


Additonal Services

Future Parent/New Parent Support Group- cOMING SOON

bed-rest support- Coming soon