believe . breathe . birth .

Brana Ninkov


Birth and Postpartum Doula


believe . breathe . birth .

Brana Ninkov


Birth and Postpartum Doula

wHY a Doula?

A doula provides non-medical emotional, physical and informational support throughout the journey of pregnancy, during the birthing process, and with the transition into parenthood. 

While the presence of a birth doula has scientifically proven to reduces the use of unnecessary intervention and the risk of cesarean births, and to overall improve the birthing experience, the company of a postpartum doula has shown reduction in perinatal mood disorders, improvement in breastfeeding success and increase of self-confidence.

Birth of a child, birth of a parent, birth of a family is a life event that leaves an everlasting imprint on everyone involved.  Let it also be the most transforming, most joyful and most empowering experience...

Before birth

We will spend a lot of time discussing your concerns, expectations and preferances in regards to time surrounding birth and postpartum period and regards to my role as your doula. I will equip you with as much information as possible to empower you to make autonomous decisions about your care. We will review medical and non medical interventions and risks and benefits of each. Additionally, we will walk through the likely events of a normal birth, and consider actions to take when certain things do not go as planned.   

(Optional: I also offer a private childbirth education session, and a private prenatal breastfeeding class, both tailored to your specific needs)

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during birth

Birth is unpredictable and has no agenda. it requires patience, a safe environment and trust. Surrendering and letting it unfold in it own mysterious way allows for best outcomes. Only the birthing person has the autonomy, the knowledge and the intuition, to guide it a certain direction, one moment at the time. My presence at your birth may involve massage, aromatherapy, suggestions for breathing and positioning. But most importantly, my role at your birth is to sit with you, to hold space for that complete surrender, to make sure you feel safe and respected, to remind you of your inner wisdom, strength and ability to make choices right for you and your baby. This is the recipe to experiencing your best birth!

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Birth has a way of opening bodies, minds and hearts. It teaches lessons and leaves everyone involved forever changed. While it can be a powerful experience, the early postpartum period also is a vulnerable time of transitions and adjustments.

My postpartum services are personalized to meet your specific needs, and may differ from shift to shift. My goal during my time with you is to nurture and to nourish you, facilitating rest, recovery and bonding with your baby, and growing your confidence in your intuition and your abilities, as you navigate through the early transition into parenthood. Some examples of my role may include emotional and physical support, massage, bellybinding, holding space for birth processing, guidance with breastfeeding, newborn care, and meal preparation.


Meet the doula

Meet the doula

My Life


Born in Serbia, and having lived in Greece, Germany and Holland before arriving to San Diego, California, enhanced my understanding and appreciation for different languages, people and cultures. We may be different in many aspects, but I believe that deep in our essence we all have love for humanity, and strive from love, joy and compassion.

Intrigued with how wholesome nutrition and exercise affect our whole being. I pursued a degree in Kinesiology, with a focus on Nutrition and  Exercise Physiology. After graduating, I supported women on their weight loss journeys.  It is then that I realized that my deepest level of connection, relation and communication is with women.

Then forwarding a few years, I gave birth to my beautiful little boy, and that incredible life-event sparked empowerment, transformation, and spirituality, and most importantly awaked my love and passion for birth and birthing people. Soon after his birth I obtained a Masters Degree in Nursing, focusing my studies on Labor and Delivery.

The birth of my daughter, 5 years later, deepened my trust in birth, taught me the true act of surrender and the importance of safety, respect and autonomy surrounding all aspects of birth.

I currently live in Los Angeles, with my dear husband, Rotem, and two delicious children, Liam(7) and Chloe(2). We enjoy exploring this diverse city and finding endless gems it provides.

I love spending my free time with my family and friends, cooking, meditating, being outdoors, and whenever I can, traveling!

My Passion


Birthing people are my passion. I believe in sacredness of coming into parenthood and want to protect it, so that it can unfold in an undisturbed way, as much as possible, and this includes pregnancy, birth, and the ever-so- vulnerable postpartum period.

I also believe that the birthing person is the only one who has the authority to make decisions about their body and their baby because I know that those decision will be the best ones for them at that given moment. This leaves no space for judgment; only support and respect.

Every birth I support is vastly different from the other, and in its own way mind-blowing and life-altering. And every postpartum family I support teaches me that there is not one right way to settle into parenthood, but that everyone can, with some support, find their way to smooth-sailing.

I am extremely honored each time I am invited to witness birth and to care for a family caring for their baby during the early postpartum period. Every experience reassures me that I am on the right path and knowing that I played a role in supporting a person to have their best birth and smooth postpartum period, makes the long, sleepless nights feel effortless, and oh, so worth it.

I am so thankful to be doing what I am!

My education/ Training

The Art Of Sacred Postpartum and Mother Roasting- upcoming training

Certified Lactation Educator Counselor- UCSD 2018

Spinning Babies Workshop- Nicole Morales 2017

Beyond the Swaddle- Advanced Postpartum Doula Training with Becca Gordon 2016

Hypnobirthing- Alisha Tamburri 2016

Postpartum Doula Training- DONA International 2016

Supporting Fetal and Infant Loss- Return to Zero 2016

Breastfeeding Full Circle-Dr. Jack Newman 2016

Protecting the Mother-Baby Dyad: Innovation in Maternity Care- MFCI Symposium 2015

Beyond the Hip Sqeeze- Advanced Birth Doula Training with Becca Gordon 2015

Science of Oxytocin- Michel Odent MD 2015

Masters of Science in Nursing- UCLA 2015

Birth Doula Training- DONA International 2013

Child Birth Education- DONA International 2013

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology- SDSU 2007

Areas of experience

Hospital birth; Midwife-assisted home birth; unassisted birth; Physiological unmedicated birth; Planned and unplanned Cesarean birth; Induction; High intervention and high-risk birth; twin birth; VBAC